Zirconium Tooth

Why Choose Zirconium Tooth?

Zirconium is a commonly used material in dentistry due to its durability and aesthetic appearance. Zirconium crowns are more durable than porcelain crowns and also closely resemble natural teeth. Zirconium implants also have a more aesthetic appearance compared to titanium implants.

What Are The Advantages Of Zirconium Teeth?

Zirconium teeth have many advantages including durability, natural appearance, low risk of allergies, aesthetic compatibility, and long lifespan. Additionally, zirconium teeth transmit light better and may be less irritating to the gums since they do not contain metal.

Where Can They Be Used?

Zirconium tooth treatment can be used in the treatment of decayed, fractured, worn, or missing teeth. The dentist first thoroughly examines the person's teeth and decides which procedures need to be performed. Then, a treatment plan is prepared according to the person's desires.

How Does The Treatment Process Progress?

Zirconium tooth treatment is usually a multi-stage process. Firstly, the dentist evaluates your teeth and determines the necessary treatment. Then, measurements of your teeth are taken, and your zirconium teeth are specially prepared in the laboratory. Finally, the prepared zirconium teeth are permanently applied to your teeth.