Aesthetic Smile Design

What Is Aesthetic Smile Design?

It is a treatment method that has become popular in recent years among dental practices. This treatment aims to make a person's smile more attractive by considering aesthetic factors such as shape, size, color, and position of the teeth.

What Is Involved in Smile Design Stages?

Design involves a series of procedures performed by a dentist. These procedures include teeth whitening, reshaping, correcting misalignments, replacing fillings, or procedures such as covering or laminating teeth. These procedures correct small details that make a difference in a person's smile and help achieve a more natural appearance.

Who Can Get Smile Design?

It is a treatment method that can be applied at any age. It is usually preferred by individuals who want to change the shape, size, or position of their teeth. However, individuals with health issues such as decay or excessive substance loss in their teeth can also benefit from this treatment.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Aesthetic smile design procedures are determined based on the individual's needs and preferences. The dentist first examines the person's teeth thoroughly and decides which procedures need to be performed. Then, a treatment plan is prepared according to the person's desires.

In A Brief...

Aesthetic smile design is a treatment method aimed at improving the aesthetic factors in a person's smile. This treatment makes a person's teeth more attractive through procedures determined by the dentist. Aesthetic smile design can be applied at any age and can also solve the individual's dental health issues.