Implant Treatment

What Is An Implant?

They are structures that mimic tooth roots made of materials such as titanium and similar metals and placed instead of missing teeth in the mouth.

When Can It Be Done?

They are applied after sufficient bone presence or after procedures such as bone powder application and sinus lift to obtain sufficient bone. Implant treatment can be performed in the mouth where teeth are missing or in cases where teeth or roots that are useless and need to be removed can be performed in the same session.

What Is The Goal Of The Treatment?

When natural teeth are insufficient in terms of position and number, the aim is to provide both aesthetic and function to the patient.

Is It A Painful Procedure?

Contrary to popular belief, implant treatment is not a painful and lengthy treatment. The dentist's experience, the quality of the implant used, and the clinic's hygiene conditions are crucial for the success of the treatment.

When Can Prosthesis Fabrication Begin?

After implant placement, prosthesis fabrication can be started when sufficient implant-bone integration is expected during the implantation process.