Gum Aesthetics – Pink Aesthetics

What Is Pink Aesthetics?

It refers to the aesthetic appearance of gums and surrounding soft tissues. Gums are an essential component of oral aesthetics along with teeth. Pink aesthetics encompasses factors such as the shape, color, and texture of the gums.

When Is Pink Aesthetics Necessary?

It is necessary to correct or improve irregularities in the gums, excessive gum tissue (gummy smile), gum recession, or abnormalities in gum color. For instance, pink aesthetic procedures can be used in cases such as correcting the smile line or treating gum recession. Additionally, pink aesthetics play a significant role during restorative dental treatments such as implants or porcelain veneers.

How Is Pink Aesthetics Applied?

Pink aesthetic procedures are performed by dentists using various methods. Surgical interventions, laser treatments, or gum grafts may be used to correct gum irregularities. For correcting gum color, procedures such as gum bleaching or aesthetic dentistry procedures to correct pigmentation may be applied. These procedures are planned and implemented according to the patient's needs and condition.