Dental Calculus Cleaning – Detartrage

What Is Dental Calculus?

Dental calculus is mineralized plaque buildup on the surface of teeth. Plaque is a sticky layer that forms in the mouth as a result of bacterial accumulation. Over time, this plaque combines with minerals to form dental calculus.

How Is Dental Calculus Cleaning Done?

During dental calculus cleaning, calculus deposits between the teeth and gums are removed, and tooth root surfaces are smoothed using ultrasonics and hand instruments. Subsequently, teeth are polished with a special polishing paste.

What Are The Harms Of Dental Calculus?

If dental calculus is not removed, it can mask cavities and accumulate between teeth and gums, leading to gum recession.

Is Anesthesia Required For Detartrage?

Dental calculus cleaning can be performed under local anesthesia if deemed necessary by the dentist after examination.

How Often Should Dental Calculus Cleaning Be Done?

The frequency of dental calculus cleaning can vary depending on individual oral hygiene, gum condition, and tendency for calculus formation. Generally, it is recommended to have dental calculus cleaning done every six months to a year.