Curettage Treatment

What Is Curettage Treatment?

Gum curettage involves cleaning plaque, tartar, and infected tissues below the gums. It is a procedure used in the treatment of gum diseases.

When Is Curettage Necessary?

In patients without advanced gum disease symptoms, the detartrage method, which involves removing calculus and smoothing root surfaces, may be sufficient. However, in patients with advanced gum disease, root surface smoothing requires cleaning the area from the base of the gum pocket to the junction of the gum with the tooth enamel.

How Is Curettage Done?

Following local anesthesia application, the treatment method, which starts with ultrasonics, continues with the use of hand instruments in deep gum pockets. When it is ensured that the root surface is smoothed, the removal of inflamed tissue in that area completes the procedure.