Wire Braces Treatment

What Is Wire Braces Treatment?

Wire braces treatment is an orthodontic treatment recommended for individuals with crooked teeth, jaw problems, or issues related to dental alignment. It is a treatment that utilizes the ability of teeth to move, allowing for the adjustment of tooth position and jaw structure. This treatment is applied to bring the teeth into the correct position within the jawbone and improve oral functions.

What Is The Process Of Wire Braces Treatment?

Before applying wire braces, your dentist prepares a personalized treatment plan for your teeth and regularly monitors your teeth throughout the wire braces treatment process. Wire braces treatment can be performed using traditional metal wires and brackets or more aesthetically pleasing clear wires and brackets.

How Long Does Wire Braces Treatment Take?

The duration of wire braces treatment can vary depending on the severity of teeth misalignment and other factors requiring treatment. The treatment process typically lasts from several months to several years and may vary based on the individual's age, the condition of their teeth, and the type of treatment.