Clear Aligner Treatment

What Is Clear Aligner Treatment?

Clear aligner treatment is an orthodontic treatment method used instead of traditional wire braces to correct or align teeth. In this treatment, specially designed clear plastic trays are used that fit the patient's mouth structure.

How Is Clear Aligner Treatment Applied?

Before starting the treatment, a dentist or orthodontist creates a treatment plan for the patient, and the trays are prepared according to this plan. The clear aligners are changed at specific intervals to gradually move the teeth, helping them reach the desired alignment over time.

Why Should I Choose Clear Aligners?

This treatment method offers a more aesthetic option compared to traditional wire braces because the aligners are almost invisible.

Who Can Receive Clear Aligner Treatment?

Clear aligner treatment can be an effective option for mild to moderate orthodontic problems requiring teeth alignment or correction, but it may not be suitable for every patient, so consulting with a specialist is important.